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Rushcreek Township

Rushcreek Township
Fairfield County, Ohio
Rushcreek Township Trustees hold monthly meetings at 7pm on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  Regular monthly meetings are held at the Township office, 213 Marietta Street, Bremen, Ohio.  The public is invited to attend.  If a visitor wishes to address the board during the meeting the following guidelines were adopted at the January 3, 2018 meeting effective January 17, 2018.
1. Visitors who wish to speak must sign in.
2. Visitors who wish to speak will be given the floor after the Call to Order.
3. Visitors who wish to speak are requested to provide a written copy of comments.
4. Visitors who wish to speak are requested to please limit time to three minutes each.
5. Rushcreek Township Board of Trustees reserve the right to determine actionable resolution.
Connie S. Moyer
Board Meetings: First & Third Wednesday
01/04/2017 Regular Meeting
01/10/2017 Special Meeting
01/18/2017 Regular Meeting
01/22/2017 Special Meeting
02/01/2017 Regular Meeting
02/15/2017 Regular Meeting
02/22/2017 Special Meeting
03/01/2017 Regular Meeting
03/07/2017 Special Meeting
03/15/2017 Regular Meeting
04/05/2017 Regular Meeting
04/19/2017 Regular Meeting
05/03/2017 Regular Meeting
2017 Board Meeting Minutes
05/03/2017 Special Meeting
05/17/2017 Regular Meeting
06/07/2017 Regular Meeting
06/21/2017 Regular Meeting
06/23/2017 Special Meeting
07/05/2017 Regular Meeting
07/14/2017 Special Meeting
07/19/2017 Regular Meeting
07/21/2017 Budget Hearing
08/02/2017 Regular Meeting
08/16/2017 Regular Meeting
09/06/2017 Regular Meeting
09/11/2017 Special Meeting
09/21/2017 Regular Meeting
10/04/2017 Regular Meeting
10/18/2017 Regular Meeting
11/01/2017 Regular Meeting
11/08/2017 Regular Meeting
11/15/2017 Regular Meeting
12/04/2017 Regular Meeting
12/08/2017 Special Meeting
12/20/2017 Regular Meeting
12/28/2017 Special Meeting
12/30/2017 End of Yr. Meeting
2014 - 2016 Board Meeting Minutes / Annual Financial Reports
2014 Board Meeting Minutes/Annual Financial Reports
2015 Board Meeting Minutes/Annual Financial Reports
2016 Board Meeting Minutes/Annual Financial Reports
2018 Board Meeting Minutes
01/29/2018 Special Meeting
01/17/2018 Regular Meeting
01/03/2018 Regular Meeting
02/07/2018 Regular Meeting
02/21/2018 Special Meeting
02/21/2018 Regular Meeting
03/07/2018 Regular Meeting
03/21/2018 Regular Meeting
2017 Annual Financial Reports
Cash Reconciliation
Comparison of Budgeted and Actual Receipts
Comparison of Disbursements and Encumbrances with Expenditure Authority
• Schedule of Outstanding Debt
Combined Statement of Receipts Disbursements and Changes in Fund Balances Cash Basis
Governmental Fund Types
Special Revenue Funds

Reconciliation of Interfund Transactions
04/04/2018 Regular Meeting
04/18/2018 Regular Meeting
04/18/2018 Work Session