Rushcreek Township
Zoning Department

Contact Information:

Zoning questions or completed forms can be directed to Detria Hiles:


Phone: 740-569-7181 ext 12

Duties of the Zoning Inspector

  • Upon finding that any of the provisions of the Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws are being violated, a notification in writing shall be made to the person responsible for such violation(s), ordering the action necessary to correct such violations.
  • Order discontinuance of illegal zoning, uses of land, buildings, or structures.
  • Order removal of illegal buildings or structures or illegal additions or structural alterations.
  • Order discontinuance of any illegal work being done.
  • Take any other action authorized by the Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws to insure compliance with or to prevent violations of the laws. This includes the issuance of any permits; making and keeping records necessary and appropriate to the office including records of issuance and denial of zoning permits; collecting designated fees for zoning permits, appeals, variances, and conditional uses; and such similar administrative duties as are permissible under the law.

Rushcreek Township Zoning Commission/Zoning Appeals Duties

Duties of the Zoning Commission

  • Review all proposed amendments to the Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws in accordance with Section 7.1 and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees.
  • Review all planned unit developments and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees.
  • Review all proposed new zoning resolutions and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees

Duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals

  • To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirements, decision, or determination made by the Zoning Inspector.
  • To authorize such variance from the terms of the Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws as will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to the special conditions, a literal enforcement of Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws will result in unnecessary hardship, and so that the spirit of the laws shall be observed and substantial justice done.
  • To grant conditional zoning permits as specified elsewhere in Rushcreek Township Zoning Laws and under the conditions specified and such additional safeguards as will uphold the intent of the laws.
  • To authorize the substitution of non-conforming uses in accordance with Section 5.6B or the expansion of a building containing a non-conforming use in accordance with Section 5.6C.
  • Duties of Zoning Inspector, Board of Zoning Appeals, Legislative Authority and Courts on Matters of Appeal


Rushcreek Township Zoning Commission: Board Members

Bruce Duck
Term Expires 2025
6058 Tent Church Road
Lancaster, OH 43130
Josh Schultz
Term Expires  2026

424 Zion Road SE
Lancaster, OH 43130
Rick Moyer
Term Expires 2027

2941 Bethel Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107
Dave Foltz
Term Expires 2028

8290 Bremen Rd. SE
Bremen, OH 43107
Alternate/Sam Kistler
Term Expires 2025

1265 Webb Summit Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107

Rushcreek Township Board of Zoning Appeals: Board Members

Bill Myers
Term Expires 2025

1480 Wespoint Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107
Loren Young
Term Expires 2026

10090 Young Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107
Charlie Hockman
Term Expires 2027

10970 Purvis Road
Bremen, OH 43107
Phil Miller
Term Expires 2022

240 Jerusalem Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107
David Pugh
Term Expires 2023

6480 Tent Church Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107    
Alternate/Sue Schmitz
Term Expires 2025

10385 Marietta Rd.
Bremen, OH 43107